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Aeries AT 600 ION LT Regulator With A2 Octo, A300 XT Console & Atmos BCD

The AT 600 ION LT is the latest iteration of the flagship Aeris ION Regulator specifically designed for the traveling diver. The compact ION has been reduced in weigh by removing the swivel and by adding an ultra-flexible braided MaxFlex hose. Paired with the ultra-compact AT 600; a brand new over-balance diaphragm first stage weighing in at just 24 oz (680.4 g).

The AT 600 is a High Performance First Stage with Environmental Seal. The diaphragm membrane transmits the pressure changes to the internal mechanism eliminating the need for the surrounding water to enter the intricate mechanism. The benefit of this type of first stage design is that none of the internal parts are exposed to contaminants such as salt, sand, chlorine or pool acids. These environmental contaminants cause corrosion and mineral deposits to form on the internal mechanism deteriorating regulator performance. The standard Diaphragm Regulator does allow water into the mainspring chamber so that the diaphragm can perform this transmission of pressure changes.

With the AT 600 there is a optional Secondary Environmental Diaphragm Membrane that seals off the spring chamber keeping the first stage completely sealed off from the environment adding a second layer of corrosion resistance. The first stage has 4 Low Pressure Ports (LP) and 1 High Pressure Port (HP) and is Nitrox compatible to 40% out of the box.

The pneumatically balanced demand valve of the Ion Second Stage along with a highly responsive design allows this regulator to provide a high volume of airflow with even the slightest inhalation effort, making it seem nearly effortless to breathe at any depth. All in a second stage barely wider than the mouthpiece. The ION LT means business as it comes equipped for any type of dive conditions, cold or warm. Following the rules of the sea, or should we say the rules of the C: Compact - Comfortable - Customizable; the ION LT is a diver's dream.

The ION LT is AERIS' smallest and most streamlined second stage ever with an outer ring diameter of only 2.3" (5.8 cm) and 5.4 oz (153 g) weight. The ION LT's second stage is made from an ABS/Polycarbonate composite blend of materials making the ION LT both extremely rugged and lightweight, reducing jaw fatigue on extended dives. The extremely lightweight cover ring is machined from a solid piece of aircraft aluminum, and then hard anodized to prevent corrosion.

A common objection to typical adjustable second stages is that divers can't imagine themselves t wisting and turning a knob as they descend and ascend through the depths. If inhalation resistance is set near zero at depth, your ascent would require you too manually increase resistance as ambient water pressure is reduced to prevent free-flow. The ION LT features a pneumatically balanced valve that maintains a preferred breathing resistance throughout the dive. Set it once and the ION LT automatically adjusts to make breathing as easy at 100 ' (30 meters) as it is at 30' (10 meters). Ever notice that nearly every picture you see of a diver, their regulator looks like it's not the least bit comfortable? The ION LT features reduced weight by removing the previous swivel and by adding our ultra-flexible braided MaxFlex hose.

The ION LT's high-tech accent rings are machined from a solid piece of aircraft Aluminum, then hard-anodized utilizing a unique process to prevent corrosion. AERIS regulators are exclusively designed using the latest 3-D computer modeling techniques. This allows Aeris the ability to model and test performance while still in the early stages of development. The ION LT's unique deflector vane and housing design diverts airflow from the valve directly to the mouthpiece, producing smooth venturi-assisted inhalation. Adding to the ION LT's rugged durability, an oversized integrated purge button is utilized to eliminate the possibility of free-flow caused by trapped sand. To further reduce jaw fatigue, the ION LT features a new patented orthodontic mouthpiece with high density bite tabs designed to accommodate the natural overbite of the human jaw. The ION LT is classified as being suitable for use with nitrox breathing gas mixtures containing up to 40% oxygen by volume without the need for special preparation, cleaning or component parts. The regulator comes with a Comprehensive Owner's Manual.

Aeris A2 MaxFlex Scuba Yoke Regulator

If you've been hunting for an octopus that is easy to use and can take the hard knocks that dive gear inevitable endures, look no further. The Aeris A2 octopus' simple, yet effective design is ideal for students, dive shops and divers who demand durability. The bright yellow cover and hose allows you or your buddy to quickly and easily spot the A2 if it is ever needed. Dependable downstream demand valve design and this octopus is nitrox compatible, up to 40%.

The A2's housing is made from an ABS/Polycarbonate composite blend of materials making the A2 both extremely rugged and lightweight, weighing 6 oz (170 g) and nearly neutrally buoyant underwater. The A2 has a small profile with a front diameter of 2.9" (7.4 cm), and now comes with a MaxFlex Hose which is a lightweight, flexible, braided hose designed to outperform and outlive traditional rubber hoses. Like all Aeris regulators, the A2 comes with a 24 month limited warranty.


*Conventional second stage without diver adjustment
*Rugged and dependable
*Dependable Downstream Demand Valve
*ABS/Polycarbonate Composite
*Yellow Hose & Purge Cover for Easy ID
*Compact and Lightweight
*Diameter 2.9" (7.4 cm), Weight 6 oz (170 g)
*MaxFlex Hose
*Nitrox Compatible to 40%
*2 Year Limited Warranty

Aeris A300 XT Air Integrated Dive Computer With Compass

The AERIS A300 XT Air Integrated Dive Computer is a powerful dive computer with an impressive list of features including Dual Algorithm®, 3 Nitrox mixes and a 3-Axis Full-Tilt Compass. At the same time, it is one of the industry's easiest to use thanks to its intuitive menu system, 3-button user interface and well organized display. It is the perfect mix of digital and analog integration. The AERIS A300 XT Air Integrated Dive Computer is a radically unique hybrid dive computer system. The pressure gauge and computer module have more in common than merely sharing space in a rubber boot. When you push a button on the AERIS A300 XT Air Integrated Dive Computer for backlighting, your pressure gauge illuminates along with your computer. Low air warning trigger the dive computer's audible & flashing LED alarm for increased safety.

This AERIS A300 XT Air Integrated Dive Computer is powered by AERIS' Dual Algorithm allowing you to choose the decompression algorithm that best suits your diving needs without compromising safety. Pelagic DSAT Based on DSAT (POWELL / SPENCER) data consisting primarily of No Deco, multilevel, repetitive dives at sea level. Pelagic Z+ Based on BUHLMANN ZHL-16C data consisting primarily of repetitive Deco dives at altitude. This dual Algorithm provides the ability to choose a liberal (DSAT) or conservative (Z+) algorithm for repetitive recreational diving. The AERIS A300 XT Air Integrated Dive Computer also provides an appropriate algorithm (Z+) for repetitive deep and planned deco diving and provides the ability to adjust to more closely match a buddy's profile.

The AERIS A300 XT Air Integrated Dive Computer is powered by a user replaceable CR2450 Lithium Battery, has a 24 dive on-unit log book, and is water or manually activated. Computer comes with a comprehensive Owner's Manual. Console is equipped with a Pressure Gauge that reads pressure from 0 to 350 bars. The pressure gauge has a low air indicator in red at the 50 bar level for safety and comes equipped with a 7/16" High Pressure Hose. One of the most important skills in diving is navigation and for accurate navigation, you need a compass that is not only accurate but easy to read and use. With the AERIS A300 XT Air Integrated Dive Computer side reading compass, the diver is able to hold the compass level and still be able to easily read the headings through the cut out window on the side. Quick responding and accurate compass large ratchet bezel, high visibility lubber line, direct and reciprocal index points, luminescent dial for ease of reading in low light or night diving conditions. Computer, Pressure Gauge and Compass are housed in a durable console boot with an attachment point for a clip or lanyard.

  • The AERIS A300 XT Air Integrated Dive Computer comes with a Free Digital Online Training Course
  • Computer user changeable Imperial / Metric
  • User Changeable Batteries
  • DEPTH: 330 Feet
  • The AERIS A300 XT Air Integrated Dive Computer is PC downloadable
  • Features a variety of system and user-customized audible alarms
  • 24 Dive logbook
  • Automatic Altitude Adjustment 2,000 - 14,000 ft
  • The AERIS A300 XT Air Integrated Dive Computer has a Backlit Display for Night diving
  • Manual and water activation
  • Full Function Air/Nitrox Dive Computer
  • User changeable Dual Algorithm - Pelagic DSAT (Spencer/Powell data basis) or Pelagic Z+ (Buhlmann ZHL-16C data basis) - Gives the diver the ability to select a conservative or liberal algorithm to fit their diving needs
  • The AERIS A300 XT Air Integrated Dive Computer offers Gauge and Free dive Modes
  • O2 percentage from 21% to 50%

    Aeris ATMOS BCD Jacket

    The innovative hybrid air cell design of the ATMOS allows the freedom of movement and other benefits you have come to expect from a rear-inflation BC. However, the unique wrap-around design provides you more lift than most BC’s; as well as an improved, upright orientation when on the surface.

    The ATMOS offers multiple adjustment and attachment points, allowing customization of the BC specific to the divers needs. The ATMOS is weight-integrated with a combination of dumpable (20 lbs.) and non-dumpable (10 lbs.) weight pockets.

    *Large, uniquely shaped rear-inflation bladder - Provides maximum amount of lift
    *Wrap-around air lobes on each side allow for an upright position when on the surface
    *Integrated Weight System accommodates up to 20 lbs. plus dual 5 lbs. trim weight pouches on the back for improved in-water positioning
    *Padded Backplate featuring a carry handle and extended lumbar support to transfer tank weight onto hips, relieving stress on shoulders
    *Easily adjustable and replaceable depth compensating cummerbund
    *Tank positioning strap
    *Three (3) over pressure relief valves optimize buoyancy control
    *Stainless Steel pre-bent D-rings prevents fumbling for attachment points
    *Dual adjust sternum with dual positioning to evenly distribute weight
    *Two D-rings located on pocket panel, one on the front and one near the rear
    *Large zippered pockets on both sides
    *Left and right pocket knife mount
    *Bottom front pocket grommets for retractor mounting
    *Elastic utilized to maintain a low-profile when BC is inflated
    *Adjustable harness system
    *Adjustable quick release buckle shoulder


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